Data Science for Social Good

Recently, it has enthusiastically been tried to give social impacts through data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence in worldwide. This page is to introduce the two representative movements in the Data Science for Social Good area and to list several other ones to help data scientists and researchers with motivation to contribute to societies by their hands.

Data Science for Social Good Foundation is the organisation with the headquarter located in Chicago, IL. It is famous for their summer fellowship programme 'Data Science for Social Good Summer Fellowship', which started in 2013 and has attracted global attention. They define their mission as follows:

  • Our mission is to create programs that enhance the use of data science, AI, machine learning to create positive social impact in a fair and equitable manner. We run training programs, create educational materials, conduct research, incubate new initiatives, and grow and maintain a community of people and organizations to support our mission.

Not only the fellowship, but they also provide some training programmes and an online platform named 'Solve for Good' where social-good organisations can post projects which volunteers help solve. Moreover, they also allow communities in the world to apply and establish their chapters as 'DSSGx'. Besides, the foundation provides full-time positions for DSSG research and implementation based on Carnegie Mellon University (the link). Their activities are expected to continue to be one of the significant movements in DSSG.

This organisation is the outreach group of the American Statistical Association (ASA) providing pro bono services in statistics and data science, and I am also a volunteer member of them. If you register yourself as a volunteering member, then you will be sent emails to provide opportunities to attend in projects (in my impression, most of the projects require the experience in longitudinal data analysis with missing records). However, it is competitive to have the offer as a member in each project. This competitiveness should support the quality of projects even though SWB's activities are voluntary-based.

I served as a member of the New Client Acquisition (NCA) committee of SWB.

The Other Movements in DSSG (for details, see the following linked pages)