Shogo H Nakakita

A Statistician Serving Societies.

Curriculum Vitae

You can see my full CV here.

Research interests

  • Statistical modelling with stochastic processes

  • Stochastic processes in Bayesian statistics

  • Data analysis for neuroscience

Pro bono services

As a practice of Data Science for Social Good (DSSG), I provide government agencies, NPOs, and NGOs with the following pro bono services:

  • Statistical consulting

  • Statistical education

  • Statistical training

'Barracks University'

I organise my own project 'Barracks University' with the purpose of provision of online educational resources in Japanese as a pro bono service, and give some lectures of statistics on the YouTube channel (link).

Contact information

  • Email (primary): shn at

  • Email (Osaka): nakakita at

  • Email (Ronin): shogo.nakakita at

  • Email (SWB): swb at